Answer: On your registration form you have the opportunity to nominate one charity when you register. Every nomination is recorded and a ballot created. All ballots go into a pool , and one week before the meeting three ballots are pulled from the total pool of nominations. Each of those charities will be contacted and invited to attend the meeting and send a representative to do a five minute presentation for their cause. If two ballots are pulled with the same charity we will pull again until we get three different charities. Register early for the meeting so you get to make a nomination!

Once a charity is successfully voted to receive the donation at a meeting they cannot be nominated again for 12 months (4 meetings) and they will be removed from the list of nomination choices for this time and reinstated thereafter.

Answer: By registering to be a member of the 100 Women who care Cayman Islands giving circle you agree to support the majority vote and donate to whatever the cause is that wins the most votes at the meeting. All voting is transparent and anyone can audit how the votes are collected and counted. It all happens at the meeting. Before you complete the registration form please read the conditions on that page carefully first to make sure you are happy to commit to the terms of joining this giving circle.

Answer: Send your donation (blank signed cheque or cash) with a friend or send us an email to info@100womencayman.com and we will arrange to collect it from you.  Going forward if you don’t attend the meeting you don’t get to vote at the meeting but your commitment to send your donation, if you are a registered member, remains the same. 

Answer: We would rather not handle cash for two reasons. Firstly if we have a large attendance then raising a large amount in cash comes with significant security concerns and we would rather not have to combat this. Secondly cheques are traceable and helps us to assure a much higher level of transparency for all members. If you have no option but to bring cash then of course we would rather have you and your contribution at the meeting! 

Answer: We’d be really sad to see you un-register but we completely understand that situations change and you have a right to change your mind at any time. All you need to do is send us an email to info@100women.ky and let us know and we will remove you from the database of registered members. (And obviously you’re welcome to come back any time!)

Answer: If for any reason you want to change the charity you nominated you can do so by emailing us at info@100women.ky and we can make the change in our database before the ballots get printed and the three are chosen before the meeting. Any changes you wish to make must be emailed to us 7 days before the meeting date, so for our first meeting changes need to be emailed no later than October 6th.

Answer: The 100 Women Who Care Cayman Charter do our best to create a list of all Cayman Islands officially registered Charities or not-for-profit organizations and we update this list before every meeting. If you support or represent a Cayman Islands registered Charity or non-for-profit please send the certificate of registration along with an email to info@100women.ky and we would be very happy to add that name to the list for inclusion in our next meeting.

Answer: The meeting and speeches start promptly at 7pm with an optional welcome reception starting at 6pm. Attending the welcome reception is strongly recommended as there are booths to browse, other members to socialize with, and this meeting we will have an exciting balloon pop with some amazing prizes to be won!